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If Heney & Associates, LLC is currently working with you on a real estate transaction click here to access our online forms.

Heney & Associates, LLC represents clients in all aspects of commercial and residential real estate transactions. Members of the firm have extensive experience representing buyers, sellers, and lenders, providing unparalleled representation and personal attention. The firm has experienced full-time legal assistants on staff to assist our attorneys and our clients in their real estate transactions.


When purchasing or selling a home, the parties enter into what is known as a purchase and sales agreement, (or "P&S" agreement) that is executed by the parties explaining what each other's rights and obligations are regarding the sale of the property.

Like any major contract, you should have the P&S reviewed by an experienced attorney. Once the P&S is signed, both parties are legally bound by the terms of that document. While you might think that the P&S is clear on its face, it may contain provisions that may be unenforceable or create more liability than expected. Heney & Associates, LLC is qualified to draft and review purchase and sale agreements to ensure that the contract is fair and reasonable.


Even after the purchase and sale agreement is executed is it important to have an attorney representing you and your needs. Problems can arise during the closing process, which if not dealt with properly could put your deposit money at risk, delay, or even cancel your scheduled transaction. Heney & Associates, LLC can work with you, your realtor, and your lender to ensure that you get into your new home on time.


The seller of real property has many obligations that must be met prior to closing. Heney & Associates, LLC can provide mortgage payoffs, quiet any title matters which may delay your sale, prepare the documents necessary to convey the property, and review the settlement statement prior to closing.


If you plan to obtain financing from a commercial lender for the purchase or refinance of real estate the lender will require an approved attorney to conduct the loan closing. The closing attorney represents the bank in this transaction to ensure that any outstanding title issues do not encumber their collateral lien. Heney & Associates, LLC is approved to close your loan by over forty local and national lenders. If we are not currently on the list of approved closing firms for your preferred lender please contact us so that we may take the steps necessary to be added.